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Novels in Progress

The Doppelgänger Cure

Emma Woodhouse is returning to earth with her exiled husband. They’re working on a ship called the Flotsam. Emma is becoming deeply depressed, and decides to try a radical new form of psychotherapy.

The Repository of Wonders Exhibition Catalogue

Artist Susan Mälmstrom has inherited a unique collection of Edwardian and pre-Edwardian artifacts and curiosities, each with its own fascinating history. In preparation for the grand opening of its upcoming installation in its very own quarters, I’m writing a history of the museum itself, whose contents began begin collected in the late 19th century by explorer and Egyptologist Dr. Michael Consonant and curated after his death by his daughter Mycenae.

Carthage: For Immediate Release

Dido, an independent Canadian journalist, has developed an obsession with the Maghreb. She travels to Tunisia where she meets Amir and endures a stormy relationship. Her story is told as a series of press releases.


Once Wanda Waterman had identified herself as a poet, she forthwith tormented friends, families, and teachers with her verses. Her works would always elicit comments like, “It’s so nice that you can do this to help you deal with your emotional problems,” which only sent her into piques of rage, bouts of self-pity, and a sense of being profoundly misunderstood.

“I’m ahead of my time,” Wanda would sigh, “and will only be appreciated after I’m gone.”

Eventually someone who’d never read her poetry commented, “A poet, eh? What are you doing here? You should be in Montreal.”

It had never taken much to get Wanda to do anything stupid, as her college chums had often tittered. And so she pulled up stakes for Montreal, working as a music journalist, writing other people’s blogs, captioning films, and pretending to be a bohemian writer.

Her poetry’s been published in Canada in Descant, Skylight, Pottersfield Portfolio, and Our Times, and in the U.S. in Shaman’s Drum and Tigertail. Her articles have appeared in Coastal Life, This Magazine, Our Times, and The New Internationalist. Her book, Dervish at the Crossroads: a Soundquest Through the First Two Decades of the New Millennium, will be released by Guernica Editions in the fall of 2020.


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