Works in Progress

The Doppelgänger Cure

Emma Woodhouse, cartographer, is returning to earth with her formerly exiled husband Alan, a political organizer. They’re working on a ship called the Flotsam. Emma is becoming deeply depressed, and decides to try a radical new form of psychotherapy.

The Repository of Wonders Exhibition Catalogue

Artist Susan Malmstrom has inherited a unique collection of Edwardian and pre-Edwardian artifacts and curiosities, each with its own fascinating history. In preparation for the grand opening of its upcoming installation in its very own quarters, I’m writing a history of the museum itself, whose contents began being collected in the late 19th century by explorer and Egyptologist Dr. Michael Consonant.

Completed Works

Dervish at the Crossroads: A Soundquest Through the First Two Decades of the New Millennium

This book begins in the year 2000, with an informal workplace jam session and a bunch of questions concerning where music had ended up and why. My story, illustrated by a series of comic-style pages and backed up by quotes from interviews I’ve done with musicians and composers, unfolds in a series of essays, leaping back and forth in time to follow a personal journey that began with the question “How has music changed since 2000?” It’s also a kind of alternative history of music from 2000 to 2019, a search for an answer to the question, What does music mean?

The Deserted Toy Shop

A collaboration with digital photography artist Susan Malmstrom, The Deserted Toy Shop is a slim volume of nonsense verse for intelligent young readers, illustrated with delightful photographic collages.

Echo Chamber

A short work of illustrated poems, inspiring and inspired by Susan Malmstrom’s illustrations.

They Tell My Tale to Children Now to Help Them to Be Good


A series of poetic meditations on enduring myths like classic European fairy tales and a couple of sixties television series

The Expeditious Vindicator

A compendium of articles and advertisements from a collection of old newspapers found in a New England attic

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